A Lengthy Compendium


Sometimes I wonder if I’m the protagonist of my life, or if I’m just a recurring character in a series that has it’s ups and downs and has a very small following but never gets cancelled. At other times I feel like I’m the antagonist and can do nothing but prevent myself (the possible protagonist) from excelling in my protagonist duties. In this case I would be my own worst enemy. Which I am completely ok with. Bring on the two-sided soliloquy’s spoken from one mouth- comparable to Tyler the Creator’s Yonkers. Hopefully it all works out, protagonist, or antagonist, and either way it’s one hell of a job.

Paradigm Construction

What human beings believe is what they are and become. Experiences and decisions influence and practically make choices that steer the lives of those who believe them. Every conversation, or relationship has an impact, whether profound, or not. A paradigm is created, and rules the way the person lives, acts and reacts to situations. However, hypocrisy does exist, and that creates a paradoxical person. 

Predisposed Sadness

If ignorance is bliss, and human nature is curiosity, are humans not predisposed to be living a paradoxical existence of struggling to sadden themselves further, and further with each new discovery? 


Decisions, decisions- life revolves around Decisions. One decision can change an outcome entirely in the blink of an eye. If Chaos theory is correct, every scenario splits into separate timelines based on the decision that was made, but each scenario still plays out. Make the decisions that could lead to the “right” direction and learn how to ride the current of choices. 

Cause, Decision, Effects.  


This is all speculation, and I could be completely and utterly incorrect- but this is supposed to be a collection of a few thoughts, observations, and ideals that I believe to be true. 

Feel free to: read, enjoy, love, hate, criticize, agree, disagree and agree to disagree.